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for Research and Development

A non-profit organisation dedicated to Research, Training, Publication, and Heritage Preservations


Malaibar Foundation for Research and Development is a non-profit organisation. Dedicated to Research, Training, Publication, and Heritage Preservations, the organisation shapes committed efforts in the core areas of Religion, Science, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Art, Social Science and Literature. By offering original and new insights par excellence, Malaibar Foundation connects like-minded scholars across the globe and collaborates with them for enlarged ideas in these research areas. Initiating alternative and new possibilities of thinking, it strives to construct innovative models of human potential with diverse ethical elements.


To enhance more global advanced research, devolepment and training system to contribute towards the expansion of human knowledge and shaping a moral culture which helpful to the global peace and integrity


To create a hub of wisdom and knowledge, to conduct Basic / Applied / Quantitative/ Qualitative Research in the areas of Science & Technology, Religion & Civilization, Tradition & Heritage.

Core Fields

Social Science, Humanities,Science & Technology, Religious Studies, Art & Architecture, Literature, Media & Communication, Malaibar Studies,Translation Studies, Manuscript, Law, Medicine

Malaibar Foundation delivers solutions for the growing demand for, intellectual, cultural and historical showcasing of Malabar. It strives to dive deep into Malabar as a construct and process, by framing the region’s epic history, knowledge tradition and fascinating cultural heritage. It is focused on developing traditional knowledge spread across the Malabar coast, covering up indigenous, lost and scattered knowledge. This will in turn help the knowledge seekers across the world to develop a new system inherent in the heritage of Malabar, while immensely contributing to nation-building.

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