Malaibar Foundation for Research and Development is a non-profit organisation. Dedicated to Research, Training, Publication, and Heritage Preservations, the organisation shapes committed efforts in the core areas of Religion, Science, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Art, Social Science and Literature. By offering original and new insights par excellence, Malaibar Foundation connects like-minded scholars across the globe and collaborates with them for enlarged ideas in these research areas. Initiating alternative and new possibilities of thinking, it strives to construct innovative models of human potential with diverse ethical elements.

Malaibar Foundation delivers solutions for the growing demand for, intellectual, cultural and historical showcasing of Malabar. It strives to dive deep into Malabar as a construct and process, by framing the region’s epic history, knowledge tradition and fascinating cultural heritage. It is focused on developing traditional knowledge spread across the Malabar coast, covering up indigenous, lost and scattered knowledge. This will in turn help the knowledge seekers across the world to develop a new system inherent in the heritage of Malabar, while immensely contributing to nation-building.

What is Malaibar?

Malabar, an engendered space known for its cultural heritage, has historically been a vital centre of thought from ancient times. Called Malaibar in ancient and medieval periods, the location has a rich history, culture and heritage. The sandy coastal shores of Malabar functioned as a nodal halting station for sailors from Arabia, Europe, and Africa. Along with trade, the sailors who reached the Malabar coast distributed cultural, musical, mystical and social artful thoughts and things fetched from their regional and ethnic elements to the wide coast of Malabar. The culmination of cultural contributions from diverse regions and humans enriched the globally thriving medieval Malabar. For these contributions from far and foreign lands, Malabar answered with its already spawning rich heritage of medieval times. These exchanges of cultures, along with goods and services, thoughts, and literature laid the foundation for assimilation, acceptance and tolerance which Malabar celebrates today. The reflections of these influencing exchanges between Malabar and the world are reflected in the lives of today in the Malabar region.
Multi-cultural and multifaceted interlinkages pinned by cosmopolitan values from voyagers crossing the Indian Ocean made Malabar a cultural capital of the world. Day-to-day lives in contemporary Malabar bring the influence created by medieval times. Accumulations of this cultural heritage accompanied by human exchanges rendered an immense amount of artistic rendition.
The general populace of Malabar, influenced by cultural exchanges carried by sailors, incorporated the traits into their life. These influences reached the production of immaculate music, untold stories and flawless folks. Various folk songs, arts and paintings produced in Malabar have been influenced by the cultural exchanges from earlier periods. Furthermore, the interconnectedness between Malabar and other worlds was far above the then-global average. That is globalization is not a modern phenomenon in Malabar, hence glocalisation too.
Meantime, Malabar became a prominent knowledge-making centre in the world, striving for ontological and epistemological interpretations of all. The knowledge produced from Malabar reached across the world, assimilated into cultures and created the newest notions. This further developed Malabar as a culturally rich region on the world map.

The Value

We see the diversity of humanity as buds for exemplary goodness. Owing to generating original and exceptional research that benefits society around the world, Malaibar Foundation for Research and Developmen functions with excellence, integration and creativity as its core values. We hope for the integration of humanity across the globe through the interconnection of people and culture.


Research, publications, training, and heritage preservations through connecting like-minded scholars across the globe, in the core areas of Religion, Science, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Art, Social Science and Literature. We will provide outstanding services in these areas, which will assist civil society, policymakers, and like-minded scholars and researchers across the world.

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